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Contributing to the Biaroza project

Willing to help? Good!
Here are few ways you may contribute to this project:

  • Create/join a dictionary-development team
    If you know well the languages involved here you may help to create new definitions for the dictionary and/or to correct existing ones.
    (currently there are no dictionary teams)
  • Develop software for Biaroza
    If you have programming skills you may help to maintain the existing Biaroza softwares and/or to create new ones on your own.
  • Talk to others about the Biaroza project
    The most Biaroza is known, the better:
    • Do you have a website? Add link to the Biaroza project there.
    • Talk to your friends, collegues.
    • Inform newspapers, websites, etc about this project.
  • Other ways to help
    If you have an idea on how to help, please feel free to contact us.