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May 23rd, 2003
New software version: Biaroza 0.6.
Optimizations (way faster now) and some bugfixes.
Get Biaroza (v0.6) for free in the softwares' section.

Jan 24th, 2003
We're still alive!
A major software update: Biaroza 0.5
with new features such as
  • Support for 8-bit console output (UN*X-only currently, sorry)
  • Option to list all definitions
  • Interface mode, for easier integration with other software.
  • Better defaults management in book.bff.
  • Interactive mode now human-readable.
  • Added Python CGI script for WWW interface for Biaroza.
  • Some optimizing/speedup.
Attention: Biaroza 0.5 needs the newest versions of dictionaries, the old ones will not work.
Also, you're invited to the Biaroza Dictionary System page.
Get Biaroza (v0.5) for free in the softwares' section.

Jul 18th, 2002
Another software update: Biaroza 0.4.
Bugfixes, misc improvements.
Now with interactive mode (faster search, try it!).
Get Biaroza (v0.4) for free in the softwares' section.

May 8th, 2002
A new chapter in the Biaroza project.
The "Sava" software is now called "Biaroza".
Why this? It's because the dictionary software is now a multi-dictionary system, which runs our Belarusian dictionary but is also capable of holding any other language dictionaries simultaneously.
What difference it makes to the Belarusian dictionary?
Well, this way the Biaroza software will be interesting to other people which are not specifically interested on Belarusian language. There will be potentially much more people testing the software and helping to develop it.
So the people interested on the Belarusian dictionary will have more energy/free time to spend on the dictionary database itself (which needs a lot of work!).
Get Biaroza (v0.3) for free in the softwares' section.

Feb 5th, 2002
Sava 0.2 is released (see "Softwares" section)
recommended dowload for 0.1 users
New on 0.2:
  • bffcheck - A syntax verificator for BFF (dictionary) files.
    Now you don't have to fear typing (BFF syntax) errors in the new entries you add to the dictionary.
  • important bug fixes - The worst bug made all the words beginning with special characters (C^ S^ Z' etc) not accessible (happened in Windows version only).
  • Sava is now able to find words by fragments (instead of complete words only).
  • Miscellaneous code optimizations and additions.
Jan 26th, 2002
Sava 0.1 released! (available in "Softwares" section)
Note: This version only operates in Lacinka and with surrogates (c^ s^ c' s' z^ l/ etc)

Jan 19th, 2002
The website for the "Biaroza" project is created.

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