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The Biaroza programming libraries

last updated: Jan 22nd, 2002

If you are a software developer and intend to create software related to the Biaroza project (e.g. a new full-featured software dictionary) you may want to use the Biaroza libraries, which will save a lot of work from you.

The libraries are free and may be distributed under the GPL license.

Here is the list of currently available libraries:

  • bff_parser
    This is the BFF file parser.
    It is used to interpret the data from the BFF file in a way the programs can use it.
    • files: bff_parser.c bff_parser.h
    • language: ANSI C (compatible with C++)
  • string_converters
    Collections of routines to convert between UTF-8, 32-bit Unicode, 8-bit charsets (like ISO 8859) and surrogates.
    • files: string_converters.c string_converters.h
    • language: ANSI C (compatible with C++)
  • smart_string
    Smart string (AKA "sstring") is a special string type which has a dynamically-allocated buffer, thus very useful when you can't predict how far your string can grow.
    • files: smart_string.c smart_string.h
    • language: ANSI C (compatible with C++)

The following libraries: bff_parser, string_converters and smart_string are present in the Sava dictionary sources, together in the same package.
Download Biaroza sources (which contains the above libraries) from the "Softwares" section.